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Massage therapy helps to relieve aching muscles, lessen chronic pain, improve sleep, reduce stress, and prevent soreness. Most importantly, you can relax under the experienced, knowing, and therapeutic hands of the Health Massage Center staff of six certified massage therapists. We are committed to giving the best massage possible..

Neuromuscular Therapy:

Deep tissue work aimed at specific injuries and chronic pain.
1/2 hour ($45.00), 1 hour ($80.00), or 1-1/2 hours ($115.00).

Myofascial Release:

Deep connective tissue work done without oil or lotion.
1/2 hour ($45.00), 1 hour ($80.00), or 1-1/2 hours ($115.00).

Swedish Massage:

Therapeutic and relaxing massage with oil/lotion.
1/2 hour ($45.00), 1 hour ($80.00), or 1-1/2 hours ($115.00).

Sports Massage:

We use a combination of the above techniques to further athletic performace.
1 hour ($80.00)or 1-1/2 hours ($115.00).

Hot Stone Therapy:

Smooth stones are heated and used as tools to work your oiled skin and muscles. You don't want to miss this experience!
1 hour ($100.00)or 1-1/2 hours ($130.00).

Belavi Facial Massage:

In addition to using Belavi facial products, we lightly massage your face to lift and revive. It is most relaxing!
1 hour ($95.00).


An energetic modality where essential oils are added to the massage oil. You will feel the powere of the plant essence.
1 hour ($85.00), or 1-1/2 hours ($120.00).


Energetic, deep work on your feet that helps you entire body.
1/2 hour ($45.00).